FUSE Share Certificate

Save for your child's education. We'll reward you for it.

Are you saving for the college education of a child 22 years of age or younger? If you are, or if you're not doing so but need to, we'd like to help. We'll provide your child with a scholarship* if you open a FUSE Share Certificate for them.

FUSE Share Certificates: Not Your Standard Share Certificates

A FUSE Share Certificate involves 5 years of multiple deposits: 52 weekly, 26 biweekly, or 12 monthly contributions. You have three easy ways to make them:

  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll allotments
  • Transfers from shares

At maturity, the scholarship will post to the certificate and the certificate will renew for the share term unless redeemed. The then-current dividend rate at the time of maturity will apply excluding dividends.

Would a $1,500 Scholarship* Help?

Each scholarship* will be equivalent to 10% of the amount that has accumulated in the Share Certificate at the time of maturity, excluding dividend. For example, if your balance is $10,000, we'll award your child a $1,000 scholarship at maturity. The maximum scholarship is $1,500 per Share Certificate.

As with our other certificates, there's a penalty for early redemption. In addition, no scholarship* will be awarded if the Share Certificate is redeemed prior to the end of the 5-year term.

* Scholarship awarded at maturity contingent upon no early redemption of the certificate. The maximum scholarship amount is $1,500 per Share Certificate.


Specialty Certificates (Last Modified: Jun 01, 2018)

Type of Account
Minimum Balance
Dividend Rate
SAYGo Certificate
Youth Certificate
FUSE Certificate

Dividends Compounded: Quarterly • Dividends Credited: Quarterly • Dividend Period: Calendar Month • Minimum Balance for Dividends: $500.00 • Balance Method: Average Daily Balance • Limitations: Refer to Membership Booklet • Fees: A penalty will or may be imposed for early withdrawals. Refer to Schedule of Fees. • *APY = Annual Percentage Yield
For SAYGo, Youth, and FUSE Certificates - Minimum Opening Deposit/Balance to earn Dividends: $25.00

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