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Transit Employees Federal Credit Union

Schedule of Fees

Service Fee

Share Services

Certificate Early Withdrawal (After 7 days)
1 Quarter’s dividend
Holiday Club/Family Security Plan Share Withdrawals

First 3 per Quarter $10.00
Low Balance (per month) $10.00
Paramount Money Market Withdrawals

Each withdrawal after 3rd per Quarter $10.00
Share Savings

Low Balance (per quarter) $10.00

Share Draft Services

Basic Share Draft with free checks and cashier's checks (monthly) $5.00
Conversion - Rewards Checking to Basic Share Draft $5.00
Fresh Start Checking Maintenance Fee (monthly) $8.00
ACH Return $35.00
Paper Statement $2.00
Below Minimum Balance Fee* (monthly)
*Fee applies to Loyalty Checking.
Overdraft Protection (ODP) Item**
**Not applicable to Premier or Elite Business Share Drafts.
Other Share Draft Services
Reinstatement with ODP
Reinstatement without ODP
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)^
^Reg. D limitations apply.
Return Deposited Check
Starter Checks (8 Checks)
Stop Payments
Uncollected Funds $35.00
Bill Pay
Payment returned due to member error
Cancellation (after cut-off time)
Charitable Donations
Express Mail Correspondence
ACH Return
Proof of Payment
Written Correspondence to “Payee”
Reinstatement Fee $50.00
Overnight $14.95
2nd Day $9.95
2nd Day Economy $4.95

Business Account Services

Premier Business Share Draft
Below Minimum Balance Fee (monthly)
Over 50 Transactions
$1.00 per transaction
Elite Business Share Draft
Below Minimum Balance Fee (monthly)

Lending Services

Late Loan Payment (After 10 days)
5% of unpaid balance
Loyalty Loan Application
Loyalty Loan Reinstatement
Skip a Payment
Extension Fees
Collection Fee (After 14 days)
Additional Lien Release Request

Card Services

ATM/VCC Replacement Card
ATM/VCC Expedited Replacement Card $25.00
Classic/Platinum/Secured VISA®

Annual Fee (Secured VISA®) $25.00
Overlimit $28.00
Foreign Transactions 1.00% of total purchase
Late Payment $15.00
Returned Payment $25.00

VISA® Checking-Less Card (Reloadable)

Monthly without Direct Deposit $3.00
Reload Fee $2.50
Activation Fee $3.00
Domestic ATM $1.50 per transaction
International ATM $3.00 per transaction
POS PIN or ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50 per transaction
Cash Advance $5.00
Replacement Card $5.00
VISA® Gift Card

VISA® Gift Card (per card) $4.50
VISA® Travel Card

VISA® Travel Card (per card) $9.50
Companion Card (per card) $2.95
Domestic ATM $1.50 per transaction
International ATM $3.00 per transaction
POS PIN or ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50 per transaction
Cash Advance $5.00
Replacement Card $5.00
Reload $5.00
International Purchase 3.00% of total purchase
Inactive 12+ months (per month) $2.95

 Miscellaneous Services

Account Transfer Fee $25.00
Account Closing (2 months from opening) $25.00
Account Review/Research/Reconciliation (per ½ hour) $25.00
Returned Mail (per returned item)
Returned Mail - Collection Item (per returned item)
Notice to Mailer of Correction in Address Varies
Certified Mail $6.00
Check by Phone (Collection Items) $10.00
Dormant Account (3 years or more – per month) $10.00
Invalid ATM Deposit $35.00
Statement Re-Print (within 6 mo. of current date) $2.00 (per month)
History Print-Out/Statement Reprint (older than 6 mo.) $10.00 (per month)
Notary Service – Non Member $4.00 ($2.00 per notarial act)
Tax Levy/Garnishment $50.00
Escheatment (per share) $50.00
Legal Copy $0.25 (per copy)
Account Inquiry $2.00
Balance Inquiry (ATM)^
^Non-TEFCU owned ATMs only. Fee charged per inquiry.

ATM Withdrawals§

§Non-TEFCU owned ATMs only. Fee charged per ATM withdrawal after the 3rd ATM withdrawal for the month.


Online Banking Password Reset

 Wire Transfers

Outgoing Domestic $25.00
Outgoing International Varies
Returned Wire Fees (Domestic and International) $35.00

If you have any questions about our Schedule of Fees, please do not hesitate to call a Member Services Representative at (301) 289-9800, option 1.