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Transit Employees Federal Credit Union

ATM Usage and User Precautions

ATM Security

  • Prepare your transactions (take your card out, fill out the deposit slip, etc.) before you approach the ATM to minimize the time spent at the ATM.
  • Save your receipt and verify it with your statement.
  • Be aware of your surroundings before, during, and after the completion of your transaction.
  • Consider taking another person with you to the ATM, especially late at night.
  • If the ATM is obstructed or has poor lighting, go to another ATM.
  • Protect the information on your card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) by standing between the ATM and anyone who is waiting to use the machine.
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen card.
  • Ensure the ATM has not be altered (attachments to the card slot, keypad, brochure box, etc.)
  • Keep your PIN a secret. Do not give your PIN number to anyone.
  • Do not display your cash. Retrieve your card and receipt immediately. Verify the cash when you can safely do so.
  • Do not accept assistance from strangers when using an ATM.
  • Do not lend your ATM card to anyone.
  • Do not write your PIN on back of your card.

Drive-Up ATM Security

  • Car doors should be locked, windows should be rolled up, and your automobile engine should be running while using a drive-up ATM.
  • Leave enough room between the car in front of you to exit should the need arise.
  • If anything appears suspicious, cancel the transaction and immediately drive away.
  • If you are followed when leaving the ATM, drive to a safe and well-lit location, fire station, sheriff department, or police department. Flash your lights and blow your horn to bring attention to yourself.  

Point of Sale (POS) Security

  • Do not allow a cashier or anyone else to enter your PIN for you.
  • Block anyone else from viewing your PIN when using a POS terminal.
  • Review the receipt before leaving.
  • If you request cash back, immediately put it away before leaving.
  • If using a POS terminal outside such as a gas station, be observant of your surroundings before making the transaction.
  • If someone appears suspicious, leave and go to another POS terminal.
  • If it is late night, take another person with you when using an outdoor POS terminal.
  • If you feel you are followed after making a POS transaction, drive to a safe and well-lit location, fire station, sheriff department, or police department. Flash your lights and blow your horn to bring attention to you.
  • If you are involved in a robbery situation while using your card, do not resist.
  • Give the money to the suspect immediately.
  • Sign the card upon receipt in order for it to be valid.
  • Destroy your old card when it expires or when your new card is activated.