Youth Share Accounts

We offer three personalized youth accounts. Please review below the different types of youth accounts that fits your child’s age requirement.

Dollar Dog Account

The Dollar Dog account is geared towards newborns all the way up to the young teen (ages 0 to 12). Now is a great time for parents to start saving for those early childhood expenditures. To start this account, the minimum share deposit is only $5.00.

Cha-Ching Account

The Cha-Ching account is geared towards our teen members (ages 13 to 17). With a share deposit of only $25, this account is a great start to teaching solid savings habits and responsible spending habits. Add a special savings share and let them start saving towards their personal goals.

Edge Account

The Edge account is personalized for our young adults (ages 18 to 24) who are ready to embark on a world of responsibility. At the age of 18, we are able to offer them their first checking account, first credit card, and educational opportunities about managing debt responsibly. We provide financial literacy and enlighten our Edge Members on how to prepare for the real world. Whether its college or their first job - they'll need money management life skills; which is why TEFCU is here to help!

We're excited about our youth program and how TEFCU can focus our efforts to help teach and transition our young members through life's journey as they become responsible adults.

Youth Shares (Last Modified: Jun 01, 2018)

Type of Account
Minimum Balance
Dividend Rate on First $1,000
APY* on First $1,000
Dollar Dog Share
Cha-Ching Share
The Edge Share

Dividends Compounded: Monthly • Dividends Credited: Monthly • Dividend Period: Calendar Month
Minimum Balance for Dividends: Dollar Dog Share - $5.00 / Cha-Ching Share - $25.00 / The Edge Share - $25.00
Dividend Rate and APY after the first $1000: Regular Share Savings Dividend Rate/APY
Balance Method: Average Daily Balance • Limitations: Refer to Membership Booklet • Fees: Refer to Schedule of Fees • Restrictions: Restrictions may apply. • *APY = Annual Percentage Yield

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