TEFCU e-Mobile Guide

Table of Contents

  1. How to Enroll
  2. Supported Wireless Providers
  3. How to Access Mobile Banking
  4. Mobile Texting
  5. Text Commands
  6. Login
  7. Menu
  8. My Accounts
  9. Transfer
  10. Alerts
  11. Locations
  12. Logout
  13. Support

How to Enroll

  1. Log into NetTeller via www.tefcu.org on a desktop computer.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Mobile Settings.
  4. Fill out the required information. You can opt out of text message alerts if you choose to. If choosing to opt-in to text alerts, make sure the correct wireless provider is selected (see section 2 for the list of supported wireless providers). This information can be changed at any time.
  5. Select the accounts you wish to gain access to from your mobile device. This information can be changed at any time.
  6. Click Submit.

  7. Review the information you inputted and review the agreement.
  8. Confirm by checking the box next to “I accept these full terms and conditions” and click Confirm

  9. A confirmation text will be sent to you if you opted-in to receive text message alerts and NetTeller will display the message below to confirm. If you did not receive a text, please go back to mobile settings to ensure that you entered your cell phone number properly and selected the correct wireless provider.

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How to Access Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking can be accessed on any web-enabled mobile phone device and is available through three methods.

  1. If you have an iPhone or iPad, download our free TEFCU e-Mobile app through the App Store.
  2.  If you have an Android capable device, download our free TEFCU e-Mobile app through Google Play.
  3. If you do not have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, access Mobile Banking by visiting www.tefcu.mobi on your browser.


iPhone Android

Mobile Texting

TEFCU offers members an easy way to view balances and account history with mobile texting within seconds. There is a small monthly surcharge fee with this benefit that will allow you to send unlimited text messages.

To enroll in mobile texting, follow the procedures below:

  1.  Log into NetTeller via www.tefcu.org on a desktop computer.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Mobile Settings.
  4. Click on Text Mobile Settings.
  5. Check “Enable text access for your mobile device” and “Accept Transit Employees FCU Text Banking Terms & Conditions” after viewing the Terms & Conditions.
  6. Enter your mobile phone number and carefully choose your wireless provider. This information can be changed at anytime.

To setup accounts and mobile short names for your account, follow the procedures below:

  1. Check the accounts you want to activate for mobile texting. You can activate as many as you would like.
  2. Type in a mobile short name for each account (i.e. S05 Hassle Free will have a mobile short name of HF). The short names must be unique for all accounts.
  3. Click Submit when completed. 

In order to confirm your subscription to mobile texting, you must reply “YES” to the initial text that was sent to you (see sample below). If you did not receive a text, double check that your mobile phone number and provider were correctly provided.

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Text Commands

Mobile texting will give you the ability to receive your balance and transaction history on the go. The text commands are easy to remember and if you ever need a reminder, simply text “Help” to 89549. You will always have access to the text alert number for your text commands by logging into NetTeller and clicking on Settings > Mobile Settings > Text Mobile Settings. The number is listed under your mobile phone number. To stop mobile texting services, text “STOP” to 89549.

Mobile texting is not case sensitive. Send all text requests to 89549 (see samples below).

To receive a balance on all accounts text: Bal 
To receive a balance on one account text: Bal mobile_short_name (i.e. Bal hf)
To receive recent activity on all accounts text: Hist
To receive recent activity on one account text: Hist mobile_short_name (i.e. Hist hf)


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Logging into Mobile Banking through the mobile browser and the mobile app is very simple and similar to logging in through NetTeller.

In order to login, you must have an Online Banking account. If you do not, you can self-enroll by clicking here. If you do not wish to self-enroll or need additional assistance, stop by a TEFCU branch or call to speak with a TEFCU representative at (301) 289-9800 to enroll.

To login, you will need to enter your Online Banking ID and password (it is the same credentials used to login to NetTeller).

          Mobile Browser   iPhone                   Android     

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After you login, you will see a screen with the following options:

  • My Accounts
  • Transfer
  • Alerts
  • Locations
  • Pay Bills – This is only active if you are enrolled in BillPay. 

Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

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My Accounts

When you click on My Accounts, it will bring up a screen with all of the accounts you enabled in NetTeller (see section 1). 

Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

To view an account in more detail, particularly the transactions, simply select the account you wish to view. The account history will mimic what you have set in NetTeller (i.e. if there is history on NetTeller for the last 10 days, Mobile Banking will display the same information). If you want to view more transactions, then you will need to set it up in NetTeller by clicking on Settings > Display and adjusting your transactions option.

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Mobile Banking allows you to transfer funds within your account. To conduct a transfer, tap on Transfer and select the accounts you wish to transfer to and from. Mobile browser will only allow for the transfers to take place immediately. The mobile apps will allow for the transfers to take place immediately or on a future date

Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

How to Transfer

  1. Select the Transfer From Account.
  2. Select the Transfer to Account.
  3. Enter the Transfer Amount.
  4. This step is for the iPhone/iPad app or Android app only. Select the transfer date.
  5. Submit and a confirmation will pop up on the screen once the transfer goes through. 

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With Mobile Banking, you will always know if your account has fallen below a set amount (balance alerts), transaction alerts, security alerts, and more. Mobile Banking allows you to set up various types of alerts.

Alerts must be setup through NetTeller. Follow the procedures below for setup.

  1. Log into NetTeller via www.tefcu.org on a desktop computer.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Alerts.
  4. You can view the various alerts and click on the links on the right hand side to setup your alert.

Below is an example of a transaction alert’s setup.

Each alert will display alert specific fields that you will need to fill out. 

In order for you to be alerted on your mobile browser or app, you must check “Login” for the Alert Me field. Check “Email” to have an email sent to you when the alert triggers. Check “Text” to have a text sent to you when the alert triggers. If you only wish to be alerted through Mobile Banking, you will only need to check “Login.” Click Continue and you will be directed to enter your mobile phone number if you opted in for Text alerts.

If you choose to be alerted via Text, you must enter your mobile phone number with the correct wireless provider and click Submit.

Once your alert has been setup and submitted, the following message will display:

You will need to setup an alert for each alert (balance, transaction, security, etc.) that you wish to be notified of.

Alerts trigger at 10:00 am EST daily. For example, if you set up a transaction alert that will trigger when more than $5.00 is posted and you complete a transaction for $6.00, you will not be notified until 10:00 am EST. Alerts are not real time.

Viewing Alerts

When an alert appears, you will see it via the Alerts button of the mobile browser or TEFCU e-Mobile app. A number will appear on the alert button. The number represents the number of alerts on your account. The number will only appear when your alerts trigger (i.e. a transaction posted for more than $5.00 for the alert that was setup above).

Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

When the alert button is selected, it will take you to a new page that lists all of the alerts that triggered.

You can select the alert that was displayed to get the full details of why the alert triggered.

If you opt-in for text alerts, you will also receive a text in addition to the alert on Mobile Banking. Below is an example of what the text will look like.

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Mobile Banking will allow you to search for TEFCU-owned ATMs and TEFCU branches by zip code, city, and state. The iPhone/iPad app and the Android app will allow you to use your phone to find locations nearby.

Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

You can view the results as a map or as a list. This feature allows you to filter by Branch, ATM, or ALL.


Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

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As a reminder with all sensitive information, remember to logout when you are done with Mobile Banking. After a timeframe, your login session will be inactive and will require you to log back in. To logout, tap the logout button. 

Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

Once you tap the logout button, it will ask you to confirm to successfully logout.

Mobile Browser    iPhone          Android          

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Should you need further assistance or for troubleshooting, contact a TEFCU member services representative at the phone number or email address listed below.

Phone: (301) 289-9800, option 1

E-mail: memberservices@tefcu.org

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Supported Wireless Providers

TEFCU’s Mobile Banking supports the following wireless providers:

3 River Wireless
Advantage Cellular / DTC Wireless
Advantage Communications
Air Fire Mobile
Alaska Communication Systems
Ameritech Paging
Appalachian Wireless
Bell Mobility & Solo Mobile Canada
Bell South
Bell South (Blackberry)
Bell South Mobility
Bluegrass Cellular
Boost Mobile
Cable & Wireless
Carolina Mobile Communications
Carolina West Wireless
Cellular One
Centennial Wireless
Central Vermont Communications
Chariton Valley Wireless
Chat Mobility
Cincinnati Bell
Cingular Wireless
Cleartalk Wireless
Cook Paging
Coor Wireless Communications
Cox Wireless
Cricket Wireless
Dobson Communications Corporation
DTC Wireless
Edge Wireless
Element Mobile
Fido Canada
Galaxy Corporation
GCS Paging
GrayLink / Porta-Phone
Houston Cellular
I Wireless
Immix Wireless
Inland Cellular Telephone
IV Cellular
JSM Tele-Page
Lauttamus Communication
Long Lines
MCI Phone
Metro PCS
Mid-Rivers Communications
Midwest Wireless
Mobile Nation
Morris Wireless
NEP Cellular
Nex-Tech Wireless
Northwest Missouri Cellular
NPI Wireless
Pace Cellular
Pacific Bell
PageOne NorthWest
Pioneer / Enid Cellular
Pocket Communications
Price Communications
Public Service Cellular
RAM Page
Republic Wireless
Rogers Wireless Canada and USA
Satelindo GSM
Silverstar Communication
Simple Freedom
Simple Mobile
Skytel Pagers
Smart Telecom
Southern LINC
Southwestern Bell
Sprint PCS
SRT Communications
ST Paging
Surewest Communications
Syringa Wireless
T-Mobile USA
Thumb Cellular
TSR Wireless
Union Wireless
US Cellular
USA Mobility
Viaero Wireless
Virgin Mobile
West Central Wireless

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