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TEFCU was founded on March 29, 1940 as D.C. Transit Workers Division 689 Federal Credit Union, by five (5) employees of the Capital Transit Company in Washington, DC. They combined their purchasing power and started the Credit Union with only thirty-seven (37) shares at a par value of $5.00 per share totaling $185.00. The Credit Union was owned and operated by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), which incorporated our field of membership exclusively. A year later, the name was changed on March 31, 1941 to Transit Employees Federal Credit Union.

Those first five members demonstrated the true meaning of a Credit Union. They pooled their resources to provide funds to make low interest loans to other members. This cooperative philosophy is still viable today.

In the summer of 2006, TEFCU became its own viable entity with the separation from its parent company WMATA. Then, in 2008, it began talks with a local Credit Union, Railway Employees Federal Credit Union (REFCU), who wanted to offer their members products and services which they did not offer. TEFCU saw this as an opportunity to spread its reach and merged with REFCU in November of 2008 allowing their members to share in the cooperative created and access to increased products and services.

With the merger came an expansion of our charter to include Amtrak in our field of membership. TEFCU officially became a multiple common bond chartered Credit Union. This meant TEFCU now had the opportunity and privilege to spread the Credit Union's philosophy throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan community by seeking out Select Employee Groups (SEGs - local businesses in the community) and adding those businesses and their employees to our field of membership.

On June 1, 2011, TEFCU merged with the Hospitality Community Federal Credit Union (HCFCU). As a result of this merger, TEFCU was able to provide improved products and services to the North East Community. TEFCU continues to grow and expand each day to exceed its members’ expectations. With each new business added, we make it our mission to put the member at the center of everything we do:

"We provide personalized financial solutions and educational opportunities to assist our members’ transition through life’s journey."

Come join us.… your journey is just beginning.


Serving the Community

TEFCU sponsors and actively participates in the Washington, DC Metropolitan community through the following community services:

  • Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Annual Christmas Toy Drive

If there are other opportunities that you would like to see TEFCU be involved within your community, be sure to let us know.

Your Funds are Secure

At TEFCU, you're not just a member, you're an owner. So, we take securing your funds very seriously. Member accounts are insured up to $500,000.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government, provides up to $250,000 of share deposit insurance protection. Excessive Share Insurance (ESI), a subsidiary of American Share insurance, provides an additional $250,000 in coverage.

To learn more about how your funds are insured through the NCUA, click this link to view the brochure. To learn more about how your funds are insured through ESI, click this link to view the brochure.


Questions / Concerns / Complaints

Member satisfaction is the utmost concern of TEFCU. If you have any concerns about TEFCU, please contact our Supervisory Committee below with detailed information and they will diligently respond. All questions, concerns, and/or complaints will remain completely confidential.

Attn: Supervisory Committee
2000 Bladensburg Road NE
Washington, DC 20018

or by email at supervisory.committee@tefcu.org

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